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Veterinary Surgical Instruments Market Global Technology, Consumption, Segmentation, Growth, Development, Trends and forecasts to 2024

Veterinary Surgical Instruments Market Outlook | Industry Analysis & Growth Forecast by Recipe, Product & End User

The global veterinary surgical instruments market is slated to experience a robust growth period owing to rising pet ownership, especially from shelters, which entails a variety of benefits. For example, adopting a pet from an animal shelter saves them from cruelty and harsh conditions in mass breeding facilities. From a more practical point of view, adoption can help in curbing pet overpopulation. For example, each year millions of kittens and puppies are euthanized because of lack of shelter homes. However, recent years have witnessed a rise in adoption rate of companion animals. For instance, the American Pet Products Association (APPA) estimates that around 44% of American households have dogs as pets and 35% have cats as pets. Furthermore, the APPA approximates that in 2015-2016, 85.8 million cats and 78 million dogs were owned in the US. Increasing purchase and adoption of companion animals is one of the main factors driving the global veterinary surgical instruments market growth during the forecast period.

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Growing Prevalence of Gum Disease in Dogs to Fuel the Market

Periodontal or gum disease in dogs refers to the inflammation or infection that weakens gums. It progresses through two stages – gingivitis and periodontitis. It develops when food and bacteria accumulate in the gums and get converted to plaque. This plaque hardens and forms calculus, which starts pulling away the gums from the teeth, allowing more bacterial build up. The disease has become widespread among pet dogs, occurring in majority of dogs by the time they reach two years of age. According to the National Institutes of Health, prevalence of periodontal disease in the US is at a staggering 80%. In England, the PLOS One states that the prevalence is at 9.3%, while dental calculus prevalence in Belgium is 31%. Treatment of gum disease generally involves surgical procedures, such as gingivectomy, which involve removal of affected parts of the gum. This will likely result in the expansion of the global veterinary surgical instruments market size during the forecast period.

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World Precision Instruments Develops Percussion Hammer, Amps up Competition

Recently, World Precision Instruments innovated the Taylor Percussion Hammer which can be used neurological examinations to detect peripheral nervous system disorders in animals. Similarly, DRE Veterinary developed an easily portable and moveable anesthesia machine specifically designed for veterinary surgeries called the DRE Premier XP. Such innovations are expected to intensify competition in the global veterinary surgical instruments market during the forecast period.

Some of the key players in the global veterinary surgical instruments market, as covered by the Fortune Business Insights, include:

  • Surgical Holdings
  • STERIS plc
  • World Precision Instruments
  • Integra LifeSciences
  • DRE Veterinary
  • GerMedUSA

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