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U.S. Veteran Affairs to Postpone Launch of Corner EHR System

The U.S. Division of Veterans Affairs declared it has delayed the launch of its planned electronic health record modernization at the Mann-Grandstaff VA Medical Facility in Washington, which was due to go live by March-end.

U.S. Veteran Affairs to Postpone Launch of Corner EHR System

Based on a report in the government IT news site, the EHR system, based on Cerner’s Millennium software, requires more work before it is prepared to go live.

The remaining tasks embrace additional growth of interfaces between the existing EHR, Cerner’s platform, and the overall IT infrastructure of the VA.

The project is a part of a $16 billion EHR modernization push by the VA, which noticed the establishment of the EHR office Modernization, tasked to oversee the implementation of the same EHR system being deployed by the Defense Division.

The venture has three main targets, among them the implementation of an EHR solution that is interoperable with DOD and community care providers, enabling the seamless sharing of data from active duty and beyond.

The new EHR platform should also be capable of providing Veterans and clinicians with an entire picture of patients’ medical history, enabling ties between military service and health outcomes by way of data analytics.

In June, DoD and VA delegates declared the creation of a special office, the Federal EHR Modernization office, to assist in centralizing decision-making as the VA prepares for the multi-billion greenback EHR upgrade.


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