Spain Ousts China with Recording 3,434 Coronavirus Deaths

Spain’s coronavirus death tally overtook China Wednesday, rising to 3,434 after 738 people died over the past 24 hours, the government stated.

Spain Ousts China with Recording 3,434 Coronavirus Deaths

Worldwide, only Italy now has a higher death count than that of Spain. In China, where the coronavirus emerged late in December, 3,281 people have died.

The growing number of deaths came as Spain entered the 11th day of an unusual lockdown to attempt to rein in the COVID-19 pandemic that has now infected 47,610 people, the health ministry stated.

As the authorities scaled testing, the number of infections showed a 20% increase on the figures Tuesday, while the death toll confirmed a 27% rise during the same interval.

Regardless of the nationwide lockdown placed on March 14, which is to be extended until April 11, all deaths and infections have continued to mount, with officers warning this week could be bad.

Health authorities are hoping it is going to soon become clear whether the confinement is having the certain effect.

The Madrid area has suffered the brunt of the epidemic with 14,597 infections—just below a 3rd of the entire—and 1,825 deaths or 53% of the public figure.

With hospitals about to collapse from the surge in victims, troops have arranged a large space hospital in Madrid’s huge IFEMA exhibition center, which presently has 1,500 beds; however, which may very well be expanded to house as much as 5,500 people—making it the biggest hospital in Spain.

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