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Nutrigenomics Market Demand to Rise in Response to Increasing Prevalence of Life-threating Diseases Forecast 2026

Nutrigenomics Market Analysis by Key Players, Geography and Major Segments Forecast 2018-2026

According to the World Health Organization, around 600 million adults reportedly suffered from obesity in 2016. This shows that the demand for nutrigenomics is expected to rise, which will drive the Global Nutrigenomics Market. The information is shared by Fortune Business Insights in a report, titled “Nutrigenomics Market Size, Share and Global Trend By Application (Diabetes, Obesity, Gastrointestinal, Woman’s health, Neurological, Others) and Geography Forecast till 2026.”

People suffering from obesity, diabetes, or have gastrointestinal or neurological problems use nutrigenomics. Of these applications, obesity reports the highest demand for nutrigenomics. This is attributable to the increasing prevalence of obesity and lifestyle-related problems.

Nutrigenomics deals with the study of the nutritional impact of gene expressive and metabolism. The growing popularity of nutritious food is expected to impel growth in the market. Several cancer-based institutions stated that effective diet regulation can decrease the prevalence of cancer. The nutrigenomics market growth is likely to benefit from increasing advances in genomics and molecular biology.

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The report profiles some of the leading players in the global nutrigenomics market. Some of them include

  • 23andMe
  • GX Sciences
  • DNAfit
  • Vitagene
  • Mapmygenome
  • Nutrigenomix
  • Gini Health
  • Xcode Life

“Rising Adoption of Personal Genomics to Boost Market in North America” 

From a geographical standpoint, North America is anticipated to lead the global nutrigenomics market through the forecast years. The growth is mainly ascribable to the rising number of service providers and the adoption of personal genomics. Furthermore, the increasing prevalence of lifestyle-related disorders is expected to positively impact the nutrigenomics market growth in North America.

The market in Europe is expected to witness higher CAGR owing to the rising support from governments for food innovations and increasing research activities. In addition to this, the market is expected to flourish owing to the increasing number of strategic collaborations, aiding the nutrigenomics market size in Europe.  In February 2019, researchers at the King’s College London conducted a study with nutrigenomics technique and found that anthocyanin is responsible for the blue color of blueberries.

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Apart from North America and Europe, the market in Asia Pacific is also expected to witness remarkable growth in the forecast years. The increasing demand for functional food and beverages is likely to increase the adoption of nutrigenomics. This, coupled with the rising patient population is expected to surge the nutrigenomics market share in this region. Several start-ups are introducing lucrative pricing strategies, favoring the nutrigenomics market demand.

“Growing Preference for Gene-based or Personalized Diet to Stimulate Growth in the Market”

The growing need for nutritious food to control chronic diseases such as cardiovascular disease, malnutrition, or obesity is driving the market. However, lack of awareness about nutrigenomics and its lesser adoption rate can hamper the growth of the market. Nonetheless, governments are conducting programs to increase the awareness the role nutrigenomics plays in the life of people suffering from life-threating diseases. Furthermore, governments are encouraging companies to develop high-quality nutrigenomics testing that can offer precise results. The rising preference for personalized diet is expected to stoke demand for nutrigenomic tests, augmenting the nutrigenomics market growth.

“World’s Most Personalized Restaurant Created by DNAfit and Vita Mojo to Fulfil Specific Customer Requirements”

Owing to the rising research on genomics and emergence of nutritional genomics or nutrigenomics, several companies are entering into strategic collaborations to offer better services. For instance, DNAfit and Helix entered into a strategic collaboration in July 2017 to launch five new DNA-based products. In June 2017, the company collaborated with Vita Mojo and designed the world’s most customized restaurant.

This restaurant is exclusively created as per specific customers’ DNA. Some of the major companies plan to offer door-to-door services, which in turn, will increase the adoption of nutrigenomics testing in the foreseeable future. Another company called 23&Me announced the launch of The Global Genetic project in February 2018. This project is meant to offer a clear understanding of human genetic diversity and insights into health conditions.

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