Novycat Biotech Firm to Offer Faster Test for Coronavirus

Franco-British biotech firm Novacyt says it might offer a coronavirus check that’s faster than rival methods by specializing in a narrow sequence of DNA coding because it fights stiff competition to turn the epidemic into an enterprise alternative.

Novycat Biotech Firm to Offer Faster Test for Coronavirus

In an appeal for sharing virus samples and speeding up the analysis into drugs, vaccines, and diagnostics, WHO Tuesday stated China’s coronavirus pandemic posed a grave threat for the rest of the world.

To date, China has recorded 42,708 confirmed cases, along with 1,017 deaths. Over 300 cases are reported in no less than 24 other international locations.

Novacyt shares have risen by nearly 400% to this point this year after it stated it had planned a test able to detect the coronavirus in less than two hours. Current testing, which can establish other strains, can take up to a day.

The test has not received regulatory clearance; however, Novacyt hopes to obtain a go-ahead from the European Union next week and has applied to the U.S.’ Food and Drug Administration for emergency use.

To review whether or not a patient is infected, laboratories monitor DNA under a method called generation sequencing.

Novacyt says its test is faster but also more economical because it is possible to use on various testing platforms.

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