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Nanopore Technology Market 2020 | Research Report, Global Industry Analysis, Growth, Key Players, Latest Trends by 2026

Recent technological advancements in digital healthcare devices and equipment is expected to drive the global nanopore technologies market. The emergence of digitalization has transformed the nanopore technologies. In the process of nanopore technology sequencing, current passes nano-sized pores and are later used for protein sequencing. This sequencing information is collected in the form of electronic data. Owing to the adoption of the internet of things (IoT), this technology can be effectively employed for the sequencing of human genome. This technology has a higher preference than other technologies owing to its cost-effectiveness and quicker results. Moreover, researchers are planning to develop molecule detectors and sequencers by adopting this technology. Protecting the health information of patients is gaining immense attention and plays a crucial part in the healthcare industry. This, along with, increasing incorporation of cloud-based technologies, is expected to contribute to the growth of the market in the forecast years. Quantapore Inc. is currently using nanopore technology to sequence vast amount of DNA. Several other companies are planning to invest in this technology, which in turn, is expected to encourage growth in the global market.

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Amgen to Invest Around USD 66 Mn in Oxford Nanopore Technologies to Develop Genetic Sequencing Technology

As per the report, some of the leading players functioning in the global market include:

  • Oxford Nanopore Technologies
  • NorthShore Bio
  • Nabsys LLC
  • Electronic BioSciences
  • Quantapore Inc.
  • Stratos Genomics
  • Noblegen Biosciences

Increasing investments in nanopore technology are expected to give significant impetus to the market. For instance, Amgen invested USD 66 Million in Oxford Nanopore Technologies Ltd. with an aim to focus on the usage of human genetics. This will further help the company to deliver new medicines to patients with different health conditions.  Companies are planning to adopt new strategies such as new product launch, increasing usage of epigenetics for developing new treatment methods. Such strategies are expected to fuel the demand for nanopore technology, thereby driving the global market.

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