Japan’s First Coronavirus Prompt Authorities to Ramp-up Efforts

Japan Friday promised to arrange testing and containment efforts for the coronavirus after reporting its first death and the confirmation of new cases, along with a doctor and a taxi driver.

Japan's First Coronavirus Prompt Authorities to Ramp-up Efforts

Japan’s health ministry stated Thursday that a woman in her 80s living in Kanagawa prefecture, west of Tokyo, had died. She had been moved between hospitals as her condition worsened, and she was confirmed to have had the coronavirus after her death.

Her death brings to three the count of fatalities from the virus outside China, where around1,367 people have died.

There are almost 450 confirmed cases in some 24 nations and territories outside China, with 33 in Japan and additional 218 on a cruise ship quarantined at a Japanese port.

A Tokyo taxi driver, who Japanese media reported the woman’s son-in-law, in addition to a man in his 20s directly east of Tokyo and a doctor in Wakayama, western Japan, had been confirmed to have the virus.

Planners will also keep in close contact with Japan’s army, chief cabinet secretary Yoshihide Suga informed a news conference.

Delegates in Wakayama later stated a man who had been hospitalized at the hospital where the physician worked had screened positive for coronavirus.

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