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Film and TV Series Dramatize People Having Mental Health Conditions, Report Suggests

A latest USC record finds that psychological health stipulations are uncommon in movie and TV: Few characters throughout favorite movie and TV series show off mental wellbeing stipulations, and those that do are routinely dehumanized.

The record, “Mental Health Conditions in Film & TV: Portrayals that Dehumanize and Trivialize Characters,” is the first from Affiliate Professor Stacy L. Smith of the USC Annenberg College for Conversation and Journalism and its Annenberg Inclusion Initiative to research the subject.

The study tested 100 most sensible-grossing motion pictures and 50 widespread TV series to consider the superiority and context of psychological wellbeing stipulations in entertainment. The use of a purposefully extensive definition, the superiority of temper issues, anxiousness, PTSD, addiction, suicide, autism spectrum issues, and different prerequisites was evaluated. Moreover, the factors encircling those depictions had been investigated to understand whether or not psychological well-being stipulations are dehumanized, stigmatized, or trivialized in standard media.

Fewer than 2% of all movie characters and around 7% of TV characters’ revel in psychological wellbeing conditions on show. In contrast, nearly 20% of the U.S. inhabitants stories a few forms of mental wellbeing situation or sickness every year. The vast majority of portrayals additionally function instantly, white, adult men.

“The superiority of psychological wellbeing stipulations a few of the target audience far outpaces the characters they see on display,” Smith stated. “This shows a distorted view of the world for individuals who live and thrive with psychological wellbeing stipulations; however, by no means see their tales represented in widespread media.”

One group that is nearly absent from media portrayals of psychological well-being prerequisites is the LGBTQ group. There have been no LGBTQ movie characters with a mental wellbeing situation throughout the 100 top motion pictures of 2016 and just eight TV characters throughout 50 popular shows in 2016-2017.


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