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Biofourmis Launches AI-fueled Remote Monitoring Device to Fight COVID-19

Biofourmis, a maker of digital therapeutics aimed at personalized care, says its technology is being utilized in a remote-monitoring and illness-surveillance program in Hong Kong involving patients with diagnosed or suspected novel coronavirus disease (COVID-19).

Biofourmis Launches AI-fueled Remote Monitoring Device to Fight COVID-19

The program, controlled by the University of Hong Kong, further includes Hong Kong-based Harmony Medical, which is Biofourmis’s joint-venture partner for the China region.

Patients probably infected with COVID-19 are being observed with the Biofourmis Biovitals Sentinel platform, a system the firm built in less than two weeks specifically for this project by tailoring its FDA-cleared artificial intelligence-based Biovitals Analytics platform.

Biovitals Sentinel’s 24/7 remote-monitoring technology and analytics are providing clinicians concerned in the COVID-19 program with medical-decision support for early identification of any physiological adjustments that would indicate deterioration, and so as to allow previous interventions for better results.

Sufferers with COVID-19 deterioration show signs of fever, cough, and breathing difficulty, all of which could be closely monitored by related physiological parameters through Biofourmis’s biosensor Everion, which is being worn on the arm by patients isolated in their homes or clinical environments.

AI-based Biovitals Analytics derive over 20 physiological indicators from the sensor data, along with temperature, breathing rate, blood pulse wave, variability, inter-beat-interval, and others.

These signs are then fed via advanced AI and machine-learning methods to flag important physiological changes that would point out illness development.

The Biovitals Sentinel system further features a smartphone app to amass qualitative data reported by patients as they respond to AI-generated “smart nuggets.”


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