Study - Posting Selfies On the Social Media Won’t Do Any Good to Your Personality

Posting on and on selfies on social media won’t do you any approvals and favors when it comes to likability.

A small new study finds that many individuals take a dim view of others who post plenty of selfies on Instagram.

Researchers at Washington State University experimented to find out which posts result in snap judgments about the user’s personality.

The upshot: People who posted a lot of selfies had been uniformly thought to be much less likable, less successful, much less adventuresome and more insecure than those that share photos taken by any individual else.

The study was published lately within the Journal of Research in Personality.

Lead writer Christopher Barry, a professor of psychology at WSU, mentioned the findings reveal extra about perception than personality.

Within the research, 119 college students had been asked to rate the Instagram profiles of 30 students from another university.

Those who posted a posed photograph taken by someone else—also called a “posie”—had been seen as more likable, more successful, having more great pride and being more outgoing. Viewers also saw them as having more significant potential for being a great friend.

The reverse was true for college students who had posted new selfies.

Selfies that centered on physical appearances, like flexing within the mirror, drew particularly adverse reactions. And the older the viewer, the extra she or he tended to rate profiles negatively.

The study also discovered that college students who had been regarded as highly self-absorbed tended to have a more prominent presence on the photograph-sharing platform. They’d like more followers and adopted more users.

Instagram consists of more than 100 million active users in the United States, and about 1,000 selfies are posted there every second.

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