A Multi-National Survey Has Reported That Asthma Patients Lose 36% Productivity at Work

A new multi-national survey has reported that people with asthma are missing nearly one-tenth of work hours as a result of their symptoms, which additionally leads to a lack of productivity and affects their emotional health.

The World Health Organisation estimates that 235 million folks around the world suffer from asthma. However, little is understood concerning the influence of asthma on symptomatic people’s ability to work.

This new research revealed in the Journal of Asthma and Allergy surveyed over 1,500 people with symptomatic asthma throughout six countries and found that on average, three out of four employees couldn’t work to their full potential.

Additional, the survey indicated that asthma impacted the respondent’s emotional nicely-being, including mental strain and embarrassment.

A research team, under Dr. Kevin Gruffydd-Jones from Box Surgery, Wiltshire, UK, invited a random number of individuals from Brazil, Canada, Germany, Japan, Spain and the UK to take part in a web-based “Work Productivity and Activity Impairment—Specific Health Problem’ survey developed by Analysis Now (London, UK).

The survey quantified the influence of asthma on work time missed, loss of productivity, whereas working and total work productivity loss for the seven days previous to the survey.

A total of 1,598 symptomatic patients accomplished the 5-minute survey between April and September 2015.

The research outcomes found that, on average, up to one-tenth (9.3%) of work hours have been missed in a single week due to workers’ asthma symptoms.

This averaged out to 5.4 work hours missed for each half- and full-time worker. Further, roughly three out of four (74%) workers reported being unable to work to their full potential due to their asthma, with 42% of employees encountering a ‘prominent’ reduction in productivity. Workers commonly reported feeling challenged by respiratory signs, as well as tiredness/weakness, mental strain, and physical impairments.

Overall, total work productivity dropped by one third (36%) as a result of asthma.

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