Studies Show People Committed to Science Can Promote Belief in God

Most Americans imagine science and religion are incompatible. However, current research suggests that scientific commitment can promote belief in God.

Researchers from the Arizona State University Department of Psychology discovered that scientific information could create a sense of awe, which leads to belief in more summary views of God. The work might be published in the September 2019 problem of the Journal of Experimental Social Psychology and is now obtainable online.

Though science is commonly thought of in terms of data and experiments, ASU psychology graduate pupil Jordan Moon, who was a co-author on the paper, mentioned science might be more to some people. To check how individuals, join with science and the influence it had on their beliefs about God, the researchers checked out two types of scientific engagement: logical thinking or experiencing the feeling of awe.

The group first surveyed members about how they were in science, how committed they had been to logical considering and the way usually they felt awe. Reporting a dedication to logic was related to unbelief. The members who said each a robust commitment to logic and having experienced awe, or a sense of overwhelming surprise that usually results in open-mindedness, had been extra more likely to report believing in God. The most typical description of God given by these participants was not what is often present in homes of worship: They said believing in an abstract God described as mystical or limitless.

In one other experiment, the analysis group had the members engage with science by watching videos. Whereas a lecture about quantum physics led to unbelief or agnosticism, watching a music video about how atoms are each particle and waves led individuals to report feeling awe. Those that felt awe additionally had been extra more likely to imagine in an abstract God.

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