Patients from Blackburn Travel to Southampton for Mental Health Treatment

The worst incidents noticed two men from Blackburn had to go as far as Plymouth and Southampton for treatment since there were no mental wellbeing beds available regionally.

Plymouth is 300 miles from Blackburn and a five-and-a-half-hour drive whereas Southampton is over 250 miles away and a five-hour drive.

East Lancashire’s sufferers’ champion Russ McLean, who reached to a newspaper concerning the difficulty of the two men, mentioned mental health sufferers were being dumped and deserted.

County psychological health organization Lancashire Care Foundation Trust confirmed it sent one patient 253 miles away to the Priory in Southampton in 2018, though they weren’t aware of a case in Plymouth.

Mr. McLean, chairman of the Pennine Lancashire Patient Voices Group, stated: “The mom of one of these younger men, from Blackburn, who was 24, called Lancashire Care Foundation Trust’s disaster crew.

“They agreed he needed to be sectioned, so he was; however, because there had been no beds in Blackburn and Lancashire, the closest bed to him was Plymouth so he ended up traveling there.

“One other man from Blackburn was also sectioned and ended up having to journey to Southampton.”

“Psychological well-being sufferers are being dumped and deserted thousands of miles away, leaving them isolated and degrading their psychological health

“It’s appalling and psychological health companies are failing and in crisis.”

The instances of these two younger men are among many in the county, with new NHS Digital figures displaying Lancashire Care was the joint worst in the nation for so-called improper out of area placements.

That is when an individual with psychological well-being issues is admitted to a unit which doesn’t form part of the usual native network of services.

Record for March 2019, revealed final week, shows there had been 2,430 inappropriate OAP days in the period at Lancashire Care, up from 630 in 2018.

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