US Sanctions Affect Medical Equipment Supply in Iran

Resulting from US sanctions against Iran, the price of medical tools imported from overseas – many of that are life-saving – have elevated exponentially, some of them even five instances in recent months.

The secretary of the Iranian Radiologists Association Vahid Karimi experiences the price hike pointing the finger at the punitive measures applied by the White House in opposition to Tehran which led to a reduction of the local currency against the greenback and different currencies up to four instances in 18 months.

The critical scenario within the sector is also proved by the secretary of the Iranian Pathologists Affiliation Mohammad Ali Boroumand, in keeping with whom appropriations and authority funds are not adequate. “The parts and laboratory equipment – he says – are not added in purchases at managed prices, and this has led to a hike within the price of the components.”

That’s the reason, the expert adds, a component “which was at 90 million rials (about 800 dollars) in 2018, right this moment has reached the cost of 360 million rials (around 3300 dollars)”.

In the meantime, sources from the Mehr company report the shortage of batteries for cardiac pacemakers, in addition to laboratory diagnostic test kits. The drop in shares worries, and is a trigger for sincere concern for each doctor and the sufferers themselves. The issue has reached alarming levels, a lot so that some laboratories have resorted to hidden kits that might even be a lot lower than the minimum efficiency standards required.

The components underlying the critical scenario embrace the diversion of funds from the Healthcare sector to other sectors. But the source didn’t want to specify the place the money is being moved and for what purposes.

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