Data and Storytelling Are Two Vital Keys to Healthcare Quality Improvement, Says Dr. Amy

The daily deluge of miserable headlines notwithstanding, it will have to be heartening to understand that “if you happen to look at the information, the world isn’t going to hell in a handbasket,” stated Dr. Amy Compton-Phillips, executive vice chairman and chief medical officer at Seattle-based Providence St. Joseph Wellbeing.

Indeed, said Compton-Phillips in the beginning keynote of the HIMSS Machine Learning and AI for Healthcare event here in Boston, if one looks on the numbers for general well-being and life outlook, there’s been a gradual and significant growth of global prosperity over the past 50 years.

“Of all the times to be alive on earth, the most productive time is now,” she mentioned. “It doesn’t always really feel that way.”

Not only raw information but using that information to weave stories that permit positive modifications – and how those stories allow a deeper understanding of what those information insights are telling us.

“We’ve been doing well on account of the medical approach: seeing how we’re, making use of learning and then bettering,” stated Compton-Phillips.

The good news, even if it additionally poses huge demanding situations, is that there’s more information than ever to permit and tell healthcare leaders to drive decisions and drive modifications.

“The haystack keeps getting bigger and bigger,” she mentioned. “We are in search of suitable needles.”

However, properly controlled, that profusion of the latest information is allowing deep new insights that get more advanced and potentially transformative by the day.

It is not only Leonardo. Healthcare pioneers from centuries past understood the twin imperatives of information and compelling story to enable better results, she mentioned.

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