Kenya Baragoi Hospital Receives Pregnancy Medical Equipment

Sufferers at Baragoi sub-county health center now have access to specialized clinical apparatus which has decreased medical referrals.

The Hospital Medical Superintendent, Dr. Ezra Lekenit, stated the apparatus distributed by the national administration under the Management Apparatus Services had remodeled carrier supply in the only medical institution in Samburu North.

During a trip through the County Construction Implementation Coordination Committee, Lekenit showed that the medical institution had received a caesarian section set, surgical units, a modern X-ray system, ultrasound machine and a sterilization machine which permits the physician to perform minor surgical processes.

Peter Leakono, a 57 12 months old resident of Baragoi, told that free maternity products and services have some meaning after the hospital received an ultrasound machine.

He stated that two of his wives had received specialized maternity products and services in the medical institution unlike previously when they were being mentioned Nakuru or at Samburu county hospital in Maralal.

“We now get high-quality healthcare services and products here in Baragoi without being worried about further costs of transporting our loved  ones pay to go to Nakuru for specialized remedy.” He stated.

The Clinical Superintendent cited that in spite of many women in search of maternity products and services, there is nonetheless a large quantity that ship at the house as a result of distances between a residence and hospital and migration in search of water and pasture.

Lekenit brought that there’s an inadequate supply of electricity to run all the machines within the hospital concurrently.

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