They Take Massive Amounts of Drugs, Trump Over Ban On Transgenders in Army
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U.S. President Trump has stated transgenders have been banned from serving in the American army on account of the ‘large quantities of drugs’ they’ve to take and the cost of surgical procedure.

The president stated that as there are strict rules on provider workforce taking drugs, trans people may fail medical exams as a result of testosterone being of their body.

He stated that today in an interview on Good Morning Britain with Piers Morgan as Trump commence the third and final day of his State visit to the United Kingdom.

Trump further cited the price of the gender reassignment process, but when Morgan instructed him the army spends extra on giving squaddies Viagra, the president responded, ‘I did not know they did that.’

An updated Military Times research discovered that the Division of Security spends $41.6 million a year on only Viagra.

The determine is five occasions what it might spend on transgender troops’ hospital therapy, according to the Washington Post.

A coverage of excluding trans other people from the USA army rolled out in April after prolonged federal court battles and injunctions.

Under Barack Obama, the then-Defense Secretary Ashton Carter in June 2016 lifted the Pentagon’s ban on transgenders serving brazenly within the military and said the Pentagon would pay duvet medical prices for a uniformed team of workers who transition.

However, by June 2017, Trump tweeted that transgenders could not be allowed ‘to serve in any capacity in the American Army’ because of medical prices and the ‘disruption’ caused.

The modern version of the ban prohibits recruits from transitioning and besides lets in the army to discharge those recently serving if they don’t come out as their birth gender.

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