Maine to Launch Medication-Assisted Treatment Program for Inmates with Opioid Addiction
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Approximately 60% to 85% of inmates in Maine prisons combat a few kinds of addiction, whether it’s alcohol or opioid.

Regardless of those records, inmates in the Maine Division of Corrections imprisonment have no longer been able to obtain a drugs-assisted remedy, which research shows are a more practical approach to deal with opioid addiction than counseling.

Via a partnership with the substance use remedy group, Teams: Recover In combination, approximately 100 to 150 inmates will have the opportunity to obtain a drugs-assisted remedy, combined with counseling and different services and products, before their unencumber.

State corrections officers and addiction mavens wish that this pilot won’t only assist inmates in winning over their addiction, but additionally make for a smoother transition into the group upon unencumber.

Over the past three months, state officers have worked on spotting inmates at three correctional centers who’re inside of six months of release and have confronted opioid addiction. This month, Thornell stated workforce would conduct medical conferences with the inmates they’ve known as potential members in this system to decide if they’re keen to participate in the pilot.

On July 1, while the chosen members are approximately 90 days from unencumber, they will start to obtain the drug-assisted remedy. Thornell mentioned the number of inmates who receive treatment is dependent upon how many agree to take part; however, they wish to incorporate nearly 100 to 150 inmates in the pilot.

Over release, participants will receive treatment referrals from Groups to keep on working on their addiction within their group. This transition of care from a state correctional center to the group is what, Cooper Zelnick mentioned will set Maine aside from different states functioning to make the drug-assisted remedy accessible to inmates.

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