Nurses in Australia get Training of Digital My Health Record
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The Australian Digital Wellbeing Company, in a tie-up with the Australian College of Nursing (ACN), introduced that nurses will benefit from the rollout of the latest e-learning modules on My Health Record. The brand new coaching will assure nurses are in a position to use My Health Record on a regular practice to keep the data consistent throughout the healthcare sector to improve patient results.


The analysis revealed in Informatics for Health and Social Care discovered digital wellbeing data could enhance patient security by minimizing treatment falsities, bettering documentation of information, and improve the completeness of data. The analysis further found involving nurses on this course will assist in aiding this result.


The Company partnered with the ACN to develop the coaching, guaranteeing all materials are tailored to the nursing position. The coaching is certified by the ACN and can rely on a nurse’s continued professional growth.


Dr. Helen Almond, Specialist General Practice Nurse, and professor in Digital Wellbeing stated the new e-learning module is the most recent in a series of initiatives carried out by the Company and the ACN to ensure nurses are inherent in using My Health Record.


“Nurses occupies the most significant number of healthcare professionals in Australia; it’s, therefore, essential they’ve access to coaching that can support them to use the system with confidence and ability.


“My Health Record is one other device we can add to our arsenal to enhance patient safety, improve performances within our position and permit us to spend more time caring for our sufferers,” mentioned Dr. Almond.


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