Kauai Mayor Declares Island as Test Site for Controversial Mental Health Plan
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Kauai’s administrator wants psychologists to begin prescribing medication to the mentally unwell on the Garden Isle.

It’s a dubious practice that’s authorized only in five states.

Hawaii legislators have repeatedly shot down the concept, saying it’s too dangerous. However, now the mayor’s substituting ― and offering up Kauai as a test site.

Derek Kawakami says the psychological wellbeing disaster on Kauai is driving individuals into homelessness and creating chaos in the neighborhood.

He says there aren’t sufficient psychiatrists to deal with these issues, and he desires to give psychologists a chance to assist.

“On Kauai and most of the neighbor islands we have now restricted entry to psychological healthcare, where folks can get prescribed the medicines that may help them stand on their feet,” mentioned Kawakami.

To control the situation on the island’s psychological wellbeing disaster, Kawakami wants to provide psychologists “limited prescriptive authority” to deal with the most severe cases of schizophrenia, bipolar dysfunction, and melancholy.

“Generally the state has a tough time grasping issues on a massive level,” he stated. “But when they’re searching for a pilot mission to show the world or show the state where it may be done, use Kauai.”

Dr. Chad Koyanagi praises the mayor for thinking creatively; however, says allowing somebody who didn’t go to a medical college to prescribe powerful medicine isn’t safe.

In the meantime, the mayor says he’s keen to take an assessed risk, including what’s more controversial is authorities don’t suggest measures.

Koyanagi suggested one other solution to bring mental wellbeing remedy to the neighbor islands through tele-drugs.

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