People Having Diabetes Don't Get Enough Emotional Support, Survey reveals
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The findings of the ballot, launched to mark Psychological Health Awareness Week, also revealed seven out of ten individuals felt overwhelmed by the demands of living with diabetes.

The survey of over 2,000 adults with type 1, type 2 and different types of diabetes throughout the UK reveals that most of those who feel overwhelmed say that this impacts how effectively they will handle the situation.

Additionally, seven out of ten individuals with diabetes further mentioned that they aren’t supported to talk about their emotional wellbeing by their diabetes groups, based on the survey.

Healthcare professionals were also involved in the survey, with 40% of GPs saying they weren’t more likely to ask about emotional wellbeing and psychological wellbeing in regular diabetes appointments, whereas solely 30% felt there was sufficient emotional and mental support for individuals living with diabetes.

The findings revealed within the report ‘Too often missing: Making emotional and psychological support regular in diabetes care’ launched on Tuesday, May 14, in parliament to announce a Diabetes UK campaign to make the emotional and psychological demands of living with diabetes recognized and give the appropriate help to everyone.

The charity is asking each of the four nations’ wellbeing services to create general requirements for diabetes emotional and psychological wellbeing services. These must ensure that patients are asked how they’re feeling like a part of every diabetes appointment and that mental wellbeing professional with knowledge of diabetes is a part of each diabetes care group, Diabetes UK mentioned.

The charity additionally launched a petition calling for the national standards, involving over 4,000 individuals signing thus far.

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